Yoder's Good Health Recipe Vinegar

Yoder's Good Health Recipe is a unique all-natural herbal tonic that has been used by satisfied customers for over fifteen years. It's an old family recipe that combines the goodness of aged apple cider vinegar and fourteen herbs and spices.

The use of medicinal herbs is sometimes misunderstood and is often ridiculed by many within the medical profession. Rather than studying the history of herbal medicines, many of the young doctors choose to ignore it in favor of high-tech, high-priced pharmaceuticals that are supported by millions of dollars of advertising.

We believe that there is a place for medicinal herbs right along side the thousands of synthetic drugs on the market today.

The herbs contained in our recipe have been used both individually and in combination to relieve and/or treat over 130 ailments and conditions.

Because of constraints placed on us by the FDA, we are unable to make any claims regarding the use of these herbs. Please check out the books in your health food store, or look on the internet to see why actual users of these different herbs use them.

We recommend that you buy a good book on herbs if you want to explore the history of their varied uses.

The way we make our recipe is truly unique. We hand mix and hand bottle our product in an FDA-approved Amish kitchen in South Carolina. It's an old world product made in an old-world way.

Our recipe is not a cure-all. Different herbs and cider vinegar affect each of us differently. It may help you in one way, while your friend or spouse may have a totally different experience.

We can't tell you precisely how the herbal tinctures are made but be assured we use low-temperature percolation methods that insure that all of the nutrients and other good stuff is not destroyed in the process. We follow the old handwritten instructions precisely so that our recipe is just like what Grandma used to make.

We feel so strongly that you will like our recipe, we offer a no-nonsense MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you try it for sixty days and you don't think that it has helped you in some way, simply return the bottles and your receipt to the store where you bought them and get a full refund.

Please tell your friends about it, that's the only way we advertise.

* Our recipe is an all-natural supplement containing aged apple cider vinegar and fourteen herbs and spices and made using an old mountain recipe.

* Our recipe has been around a long time. We have thousands of satisfied customers using it. It has never been advertised or promoted as the latest "miracle of the month".

* Many products on the market contain synthesized chemicals or fillers. Our recipe DOES NOT. It contains no preservatives, no added sugars, and NO ALCOHOL.

* The ginseng used in our recipe is 100% wild-grown Kentucky Mountain Ginseng, the best in the world.

* All of our ingredients are either organic or wild-crafted. No pesticides or chemicals are used in their growing or processing.

Many of our customers enjoy using our recipe first thing in the morning. It gives them an eye-opening boost that carries them through the day.

When you first start using our recipe, you may experience a cleansing of your bowels. Don't worry, if it happens, it's because you need it.

Aged apple cider vinegar develops a slimey substance in it called "Mother". It's harmless, but some people just don't like the thought of drinking it. We filter out the mother, but it will continue to form, even while it's sitting on the shelf. We advise that you shake the bottle before each use so that the mother stays broken up and doesn't combine with the herbal residues to make it look like something is swimming in it.

We recommend using the recipe everyday. You can't expect something to work for you if you don't use it regularly.

If the taste of vinegar bothers you or you think the taste is a little strong, just mix it with water, fruit juice, or other liquid.

We do not normally sell to individuals. We feel obligated to our dealers and do not want to compete with them. However, if you live a long distance from the store where you purchased it, fill out the form on the Dealer Info page and we'll find a dealer close to you.

We do not make any direct or implied claims regarding the use of our recipe. We advise you to seek the advice of your health professional before using our product for any particular health condition or ailment. We further advise you to seek the advice of your health professional before discontinuing any medication that you may be presently prescribed. Do not use this product if pregnant.

The tinctures used in the product are made using a combination of methods over a time frame of about two weeks. Both hot and cold infusion and percolation methods are used.

The herbs contained in the product have been historically used in remedies for a variety of health conditions. Below, we have listed some of those uses, but we make it very clear that we do not claim nor imply that our product should be used for any of those ailments or conditions.

If a customer thinks the product may help him/her, thatís a decision based on his/her knowledge and not based on any claims by us.


Colds & flu, colic, coughs, digestion related problems, gas pain, motion sickness, nausea, nursing-related problems, sinusitis, water retention

Black Cohosh

Arthritis, asthma, blood pressure problems, colds & flu, coughs, congestion, female disorders, menopause-related problems, natural supplier of estrogen, anti-spasmodic, rheumatism, sinusitis

Black Walnut

Diarrhea, gastro-intestinal irritation, internal parasites, poison ivy, ringworm, skin problems, tuberculosis


Alcoholism, arthritis, asthma, cold & flu, colic, colon toxicity, digestion-related problems, fever, gas, headaches, hemorrhoids, female-related problems, insomnia, liver-related problems, muscle cramps, nervous system-related problems, pain, PMS, rheumatism, urinary tract-related problems.


Acne, bronchitis, circulation problems, constipation, diabetes, impotency, obesity, skin problems.


Carmative-Flatulence, colic, diarrhea, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, indigestion, nausea, nose bleeds, stomach problems, spasms & tics, uterine hemorrhage


Analgesic, chills, nausea, toothache, upset stomach, warts, vomiting


Acne, AIDS, allergies, blood cleanser, cancer, colds & flu, colic, immune function-related problems, infection, lethargy, male disorders, sinusitis, skin conditions, yeast infections


Appetite stimulant, arthritis, blood sugar balance, bronchitis, chronic cough, digestion, fever, mouth ulcers, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms


Circulatory system-related problems, colon toxicity, colds & flu, female disorders, gastrointestinal problems, gas, joint pain, kidney-related problems, motion sickness, nausea, sore throat, spasms & tics, spleen-related problems, vomiting


Acne, cancer, central nervous system, constipation, depression, diabetes, glucose & cholesterol levels, fatigue, immune-related functions, infection, lung-related problems, male disorders, sex-related problems, ulcers


AIDS, asthma, cancer, colds & flu, colon toxicity, coughs, diabetes, digestion-related problems, ear-related problems, gum problems, heart problems, immune function-related problems, infection, kidney-related problems, lethargy, liver-related problems, sinusitis, skin conditions, sore throat, ulcers, urinary tract-related problems, varicose veins, wounds, yeast infections

Licorice Root

Adrenal function-related problems, allergies, arthritis, bronchitis, circulatory system-related problems, cold & flu, colon toxicity, congestion, constipation, coughs, depression, diarrhea, digestion-related problems, female disorders, heart problems, immune function-related problems, nausea, skin conditions, sore throat, spasms, ulcers, urinary tract-related problems


Acne, anxiety, arthritis, circulatory system-related problems, colic, colds & flu, digestion problems, gas headache, heart problems, insomnia, nervous system-related problems, pain, spasms & tics, ulcers

Apple Cider Vinegar

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used natural apple cider vinegar, known for its powerful healing and cleansing qualities, to treat his patients.

The primary ingredient of our product is pure, aged apple cider vinegar. Even the process that makes the herb tinctures uses apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol, which is the basis of most herb extracts.

We do not directly or indirectly make health claims, but several of the widely accepted benefits and features of natural apple cider vinegar are listed below.

-Considered one of natureís most perfect foods

-Rich source of potassium, an ďartery softenerĒ

-Helps to build youthful body tissues

-Powerful cleansing and healing qualities

-A natural antibiotic and antiseptic

-Contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes

-Breaks down harmful body toxins

-Helps make heart muscle stronger

-Helps to normalize blood pressure

-Helps to normalize cholesterol levels

-Helps to control and normalize weight

-Helps to maintain health skin

-Improves digestion

-Helps to relieve dry and sore throats

-Fights arthritis by helping to flush stony joint deposits

-Helps to prevent and relieve muscle cramps

Vinegar is a very misunderstood substance. Vinegar is defined as a mixture of acetic acid and water. There are a number of types of vinegars available- apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar, wine vinegar, and distilled vinegar, both flavored and unflavored. Only real apple cider vinegar has any medicinal qualities. Donít let anyone tell you differently. Aged apple cider vinegar is used in making our product.

Many distilled vinegars are produced through a process using coal tar. Itís vinegar because itís a mixture of acetic acid and water, but itís pretty much worthless except for use as a preservative or cleaning fluid. Donít be fooled by the label on the bottle. Buy a gallon of Heinz vinegar at the supermarket and chances are the label will say ďApple Cider Flavored Distilled VinegarĒ. This vinegar has never seen an apple.

Malt vinegars are good for flavoring fish and other foods. Wine vinegars are also good for cooking certain dishes. Both have a tenderizing affect. After all, that acetic acid isnít just going to sit there and do nothing.

Our apple cider vinegar is made through a fermentation process using apples and apples only. It is 100% organic and is high in potassium and other vitamins and minerals. It is considered as one of natureís perfect foods. Some call it the ďelixir of lifeĒ.

High quality apple cider vinegar usually contains a slimy substance known as ďMotherĒ. The mother will continue to grow throughout the shelf life of the vinegar. It is NOT a sign that the vinegar has spoiled. It IS a sign that the vinegar is of high quality and is not distilled.

During the process of making our product, we double filter it to remove any mother that is present (most people just donít like the looks of it). Dependent upon a lot of factors, the mother may continue to grow and the residue of the herbs may attach itself to the mother, forming strings of dark slime in the bottle of the product. For that reason, we recommend that the user shake the product before each use. This will keep the mother broken up and make the product look better. If your product forms mother, donít be alarmed. Just shake it vigorously. If it doesnít break up to your satisfaction, you can strain the recipe through a coffee filter or cloth to get rid of the mother. Be assured that any slime that may form in the bottle is NOT harmful.

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