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What Is So Special About Colombian Coffee?

What Is So Special About Colombian Coffee?

Coffee is among the most famous beverages in the world. In this day and age, we can get good coffee from anywhere in the world, but still, there’s coffee that can’t be replaced. Hands down, across-the-board, it's Colombian Coffee.

Colombian coffee has such a reputation and popularity that even after so many decades, no other coffee has come near to it. You might have wondered at some point why people care where their coffee comes from and specifically why they choose Colombian coffee. Well, in this article we are going to answer all your questions related to Colombian coffee, from its history to its development, its growing process to its type, and so on.

Why Is Colombian Coffee Regarded As So Special?

Colombian coffee is considered one of the best coffee in the world due to its quality and delicious taste. Coffee is a sensitive crop that requires the right environment to grow perfectly. And fortunately, Colombia has the most suitable geographical locations that have made it easier for Colombia to grow high-quality coffee. The ideal growing conditions and processing methods have made the flavor of Colombian coffee quite unique.

Below are the important factors that have played a huge role in making Colombian coffee so special.

1. Colombian’s Geography and Climate

Colombia has been blessed with the ideal geography and climate for growing high-quality coffee. With high altitudes, lots of rain, and volcanic soil, coffee grows better in Colombia than 

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New Ways to Use Used Coffee Grounds

New Ways to Use Used Coffee Grounds

  1. Fertilize your garden 

Sometimes, the soil does not have sufficient nutrients for optimal plant growth. If you want to improve your plant’s growth, you should provide fertilizers to the soil to absorb it and leave it depleted. In this way, plants will get the nourishment to survive. The coffee grounds have several nutrients and minerals for the plant’s health and production like chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, and nitrogen. In this way, the soil absorbs the heavy metals. Moreover, coffee ground attracts the worms, and it is great for your garden.

  1. Remove garlic odor from your hands.

No one likes this odor on their hands. Every woman uses different ways, fragrant soaps, and hand lotions to get rid of this smell. But, it is great for you. Keep some coffee grounds in a small jar near the washbasin. In the kitchen, after peeling or chopping the garlic cloves, fresh onions, or other things, you can take a little amount of coffee ground and rub it on your hands and fingers. Now, you can wash your hands properly and get rid of this odor immediately.

  1. Use it as a natural cleaning scrub.

We all know that these are abrasive, and it helps to remove build-ups on hard to clean surfaces. You can use these coffee grounds to sanitize because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties. If you want to avoid cleaning with chemicals or harsh solutions, then you should use these coffee grounds.

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