What Is So Special About Colombian Coffee?

What Is So Special About Colombian Coffee?

Coffee is among the most famous beverages in the world. In this day and age, we can get good coffee from anywhere in the world, but still, there’s coffee that can’t be replaced. Hands down, across-the-board, it's Colombian Coffee.

Colombian coffee has such a reputation and popularity that even after so many decades, no other coffee has come near to it. You might have wondered at some point why people care where their coffee comes from and specifically why they choose Colombian coffee. Well, in this article we are going to answer all your questions related to Colombian coffee, from its history to its development, its growing process to its type, and so on.


Why Is Colombian Coffee Regarded As The Best?

Colombian coffee is considered one of the best coffee in the world due to its quality and delicious taste. Coffee is a sensitive crop that requires the right environment to grow perfectly. And fortunately, Colombia has the most suitable geographical locations that have made it easier for Colombia to grow high-quality coffee. The ideal growing conditions and processing methods have made the flavor of Colombian coffee quite unique.


Below are the important factors that have played a huge role in making Colombian coffee so special.


1. Colombian’s Geography and Climate

Colombia has been blessed with the ideal geography and climate for growing high-quality coffee. With high altitudes, lots of rain, and volcanic soil, coffee grows better in Colombia than anywhere else in the world. Other coffee-producing countries have to face several changes in the climate but fortunately, the Colombian climate is quite stable, and this fact has also played a huge role in making Colombians coffee special and delicious.


2. Harvesting Method

Colombians harvesting method is another important factor that plays a huge role in determining the quality of coffee. Most of the coffee-producing countries use the strip picking method, under this method both the ripe and unripe cherries are pulled off from the branches. Whereas, Colombians coffee producers pick every bean of coffee with their hands. Picking cherries with hands means selecting the cherries that are fully ripe and are the finest. Thus, the harvesting process is the real differentiator of Colombians coffee.


3. Type of Coffee

There are two primary types of coffee beans- Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are considered far superior to Robusta due to their sweet, soft, and fruity taste. So what’s so special about Colombia is that it is one of the only countries known for producing 100% high-end Arabica beans.


A Little History About The Colombian Coffee


Coffee was brought to Colombia in the 17th Century by Jesuit priests. Small family farms adopted it as a local cash crop. The first commercial export of Colombian coffee didn’t take place until the first decade of the 18th Century, but by 1850 the production of coffee began to expand across the nation.

In 1835, Colombia exported around 2500 coffee bags to the US and by the end of the 19th century, coffee had become the primary export of Colombia.

The creation of the National Federation of Coffee Growers in 1927, also plays a huge role in the popularity of coffee. This organization has two main purposes. One is to promote the production of Colombian coffee and the other is to ensure that Coffee farmers are getting their rights. The FNC also started monitoring the quality of coffee in order to ensure quality exports and thus, in a few years, Colombia became the 3rd largest producer of Coffee in the world.


Why Single Origin Coffee Is Better Than Blend?


Before talking about which coffee is the best, the origin or the single one, and why. Let’s look at a quick summary.


There are two main types of coffee that fall under specialty coffee, they are


● Single Origin Coffee- As the name suggests, single-origin coffee beans are harvested from a single crop, producer, or region.


● Blend Coffee- It is made up of different coffee crops from around the world. Colombia isn’t only popular for producing delicious and top-notch coffee but also for being the first producer of single-origin coffee. The most important factor which will make you believe that single-origin coffee is much better than blended coffee is; you’re aware of the fact that from where your coffee exactly is. Thus due to sustainability and traceability, single-origin coffee is regarded much better than blended.


The Bottom Line


There is no doubt that Colombia produces the most delicious and high-quality coffee due to its ideal growing conditions and harvesting process. Coffee is an important part of Colombia's culture and national identity, not just a bean or a hot drink. Hence, today it is regarded as one the best coffees in the world.

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